What A Scream!
When Mishel Harrison gets tickled, she makes loud noises! You can’t help but wince at her contortions and high-pitched wails as she struggles to resist tickle torment. Confined to stocks for the first time, Tiffany Thomas also suffers noisily! Three first-time tickle victims debut here and they’re all luscious: Mackenzie Montgomery, Heather Stafford and Cassandra Dalton. You’ll get a kick watching Cassandra wriggle across the rug as she attempts escape from Cindy Schubert’s probing fingers! Mackenzie and Heather are too tied down to hope for escape but giggle and squirm delightfully! Hannah Thurman and Sofia Samuels wrap up the show as they take turns testing each other’s sensitive soles, pleading and laughing all the while!
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