Bare Feet Taste Sweet
Ask tiny Tiffany Holiday just how sweet the bare toes and soles of Cheyenne Landers taste after she’s through anointing them with honey! Tiff voraciously licks and sucks off all the honey, then murmurs with pleasure as Cheyenne smears peanut butter on her petite peds and mouths them with abandon!

Artemis Antone and her voluptuous friend Oceana follow with another sensually satisfying foot worship turnabout before Sadie Atkins sets the stage for a mean scene by forcing her bare toes into the mouth of trussed-up Jeanie Rivers. Justice triumphs in the end, of course, so a hogtied Sadie takes her turn squirming and sucking while Jeanie laughs at her!

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Foot Worship Pleasure!

Erotic Toe Suckers!

You're Such A Good Girl When You Suck My Toes

Barefoot Tongue Bath

Sole For Dinner, Toes For Dessert!

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