Tickle Celebration
Sarah Haden and Hana Dubcek squirm under the fingers of Delilah Shane and Eliot Shear. "Bettie Page" (Darla Crane) tantalizes the bare soles of hogtied Maya Rogers. Julia Parton struggles nude and noisy in stocks. Alise Langdon and Morgan Daniels subdue Laura Davies so they can titillate her soft soles. Eric Holman wreaks tickle revenge on hogtied pair Nikki Steele and Talia Money. Celine Deveau and Amber Allen take turns testing each other in stocks. Naughty Tayna Mansfield forces Brigitte Larsen to tickle Julia Smyrner then loses her clothes and writhes under their vengeful fingers. Finally a dark dungeon echos with giggles when naked Nikki Nova strains against elaborate stocks as she's tickled by a masked interrogator!
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