No Shoes/No Mercy!
What happens when a tickle-prone girl is hogtied and tantalized by fun-loving fiends? You could ask Roxanne Chadwick, Trixie Lovett, Holly Sampson, Sadie Belle or Fantasia Ferrer for an answer - but you’d have to wait until they stopped struggling and squealing! Sexy nurses Cindy Schubert and Regina Bartkowski also succumb to tickle fever when their stockinged feet are elevated and subjected to tormenting treatment, while petite Justine Romero squirms under the ruthless fingers of a diabolical tickler!

Friendship goes out the window when southern-fried cutie Dillon gleefully tickles her pal Candy into hysteria, but Jocelyn Shiraz treats her friend Chrissy Thomas to a gentler though giggle-inducing probe of her bare soles!

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