No Mercy For Ticklish Girls
Tickle, tickle on their soles Makes them giggle, squirm and roll When the girls are tied up tight Tickling fans enjoy their plight! Yes, even girls who are ticklish show no mercy to each other! Don't expect any sensitivity from Yvonne Thomas or Amanda Ryan when they swap tickle-torment interludes, nor from Zoe Lasalle and Edanya when they alternate hogtie-and-tickle shriek shows! Crystal Klein likewise applies a tickle-worthy hogtie to Sophia Charmont , but allows no payback; neither does Vicky Ross when she traps dazzling Gia Mancini in her undies and works her over! Tickling victims for the first time, Tess Baxter, Marie French and Kylie Dawson suffer noisily under the fingers of Starr Conway and Holly Manning -- but the greatest sufferer of all is Paris Andre, who's manfully tickled until she begs for mercy!
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