Tied Up With A Pretty Girl!
hese guys made some big mistakes and their punishment - being bound and gagged! First up is Dylan who loses a bet on a pool game to dark-haired dominant Edanya. When he can't pay up, he gets tied up with the threat of a pool cue pounding on his bare feet! Lazy Luke didn't do the dishes again and Shannon is fed up. She binds him in the kitchen while he sits silently. Horny Timmy hits on camp counselor Holly Manning and finds out how good with ropes she really is. Staked out and gagged he can only hope that she doesn't have a long memory. Pretty collegian Michelle Curtis ties up and gags a fresh young man in her garage.

See the DVD for complete description! See the Downloads for pictures of each scene!

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Snatched Couples!

Foolish MIBs!

My Plaything, The MIB

Bound and Gagged and Forced To Watch!

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