The Joy of Shrimping!
To shrimp: The sucking, licking, mouthing, tonguing, specifically oral appreciation of feminine toes, arches, and soles. Six sexually-sophisticated young women bring these words vividly to life in their own special ways: Trista Mallory happily submits her foot-worshipping energy to the feet of imperious Heather Stewart, and Ann Harlow similarly obeys the commands of Goldie Blair.

Winsome Angel Cassidy discovers that a new office job requires her mouth to acquaint itself with the size-9 bare feet of her alluring supervisor, April Kelley. To Angel's delight, she learns that the sexy boss is just as eager to mouth her tootsies! In an even more intimate relationship, Amber Lane understands that friendship means sitting naked on the bed and sucking her toes while Jordan Ray does likewise!

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