Dominated MIB's!
If you are into seeing strong, powerful men dominated by beautiful women, this is the DVD for you! Gorgeous Jessie Capelli has a big crush on her massive trainer Grayden. After a particularly invigorating workout, her imagination runs wild as she fantasies about finding the super-stud all bound and gagged waiting from her to rescue him. As Jesse thinks more about it wouldn't it be great if she ended up tied and gagged face-to-face with him so she could gag kiss him? Then maybe later, he could be bound and gagged again and she could do a striptease for him. After his pleasure would come his punishment: First she would tickle him relentlessly and then she would flog him as he stood bound and helpless! If only dreams came true...

See the DVD for complete description! See the Downloads for pictures of each scene!

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