Eight Ticklish Men!
And are they ticklish! Unfortunately for them, the pretty girls who have them bound are well aware of their ticklish nature. Gwen Stanley ties Rio to an ottoman in only his underwear and lets him have it! Gia Mancini tickles poor Antonio until he's ready to die. Lukas is held in stocks while sexy Asian-chick Reina abuses him with old world tickling. Brent is clad in underwear only and tied spread-eagle to a bed while Marlena Mercurio has her way with him.

Neil is tied and tickled by sexy Russian Jasmine Mancini. Alex is hogtied and tickled by sophisticated, but ruthless Holly Lane. Justine Sands is one tough boss as underperforming employee Rob finds out. A bound and blindfolded Damian has no idea where the tickling hands of Shannon will tickle him next. It's torture for him and pure enjoyment for Shannon!

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