Forced To Worship!
Amber Allen’s no match for hard-nosed Celine Deveaux! So when her mistress orders her to worship, Amber meekly applies her lips to Celine’s bare toes! Naturally, Celine doesn’t ask for permission when she later gets hungry for Amber’s sweet feet. In similar fashion, petite Gina Caruso must recline under Sydney Moon’s shapely feet and tongue them as the tough girl smiles. Gina also knows how to keep her place when Sydney gets mouthy!

For Cheyenne Landers and Gillian Cruz, a gift comes with strings attached. Seems the guy who gave them some valuable tickets demands that the two cute girl-friends slip off their shoes and suck each other’s bare toes!

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Feminine Foot Feast!

Toe-Sucking Love Affairs!

It's Toe Sucking Time!

Sexy Girls Worship Naked Feet!

Toe-Sucking Dreams

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